Day Three of Devastation 2011

The final round of Devastation 2011 had started and things were starting to heat up with the League of Legends: Dominion Tournament. It was the first Dominion tournament that had ever been conducted and I was interested to see the kind of team composition that the players would use. Since Dominion’s gameplay favored certain types of champions over others, I had a general idea of which champions I was certain would see play and which wouldn’t. Plus, the event was streaming live over TwitchTV being commentated on by members of Team Sp00ky as well as seeing coverage by Beyond Gaming.

Sunday was also the day that a great deal of amazing cosplayers made their appearance in order to compete in the Video Game Character cosplay contest.

Tifa and Cloud are ready for action!

The cosplayers lined up to be judged at the table located off in one of the corners of the event hall, and there was a number of impressive contenders for first place. Take for instance, this costume of Link that came complete with its very own fairy!


There was also someone dressed as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII, with wonderful detailing on her costume. I just wish she had the awesome sword  to go along with it.

Lightning posing for photos by the cosplay judge's booth.

I have to say that there was an excellent attention to detail in each of these costumes. I only wish that more people had shown up to the cosplay contest that day.

People like this.

Now moving on to the final event of Devastation 2011 was the final rounds of the Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament. It was a intense affair with each competitor attempting to fake out their opponent. It was an interesting blend of luck and prediction that I have never seen before in a competition. Event Director Robb Chiarini oversaw the final two contests and took center stage to set the pace for the push-up contest.

50 paces...then turn and fire.

The Push-up Contest was easily the most painful to watch as each contestant’s strength slowly waned as the contest dragged on.

The Challengers are in position and ready to go!

The contest came to an intense showdown between two guys. It seemed like they could keep going for forever, but Robb turned the screws on them by having them both hold the half-way position of the push-up. Eventually there could only be one and thus Devastation 2011 had formally come to a end.

All in all, I had a fantastic time at Devastation 2011 and I look forward to going again next year!


About Preston Sotelo

I am a videogame journalist with a passion for the artistic expression and unique experience that videogames can offer. I also have a passion for sci-fi, fantasy and Japanese anime.

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